March 24, 2023

Buying fuel is becoming a real luxury! Prices at the pump do not seem to be falling, despite some government rebates. Some are constantly refueling, but do they know that they are endangering the engine of their vehicle? Find out how and when to refuel, without endangering your mechanics.

You are approaching the reserve… Yes, your vehicle is consuming fuel! Before you are completely dry, you must go to the service station. Tips on the net display all sorts of advice on how to make each supply less expensive than the previous one, while benefiting from the maximum return. However, this is the problem, by juggling the tank, we forget that we are also playing with the engine and other important elements of the vehicle: the fuel line. The consequence ? A wallet impacted! The repair costs are considerable compared to the few cents saved.

Should I fill it up? Or when to do the gasoline?

Any good mechanic will advise against driving on reserve. Despite filtrations and other treatments, fuels, gasoline or diesel, contain fine particles, rust, metals, conveyed by the means of distribution. The fuel remaining in the bottom of the tank is loaded with denser deposits. Even if your vehicle has parts designed for this, it is a shame to clog the filters, the fuel pump and the injectors with old gasoline.

On the other hand, do you have to fill it up? This time, it is the economic interest that takes precedence. With fluctuating prices, it is better not to fill up, and to stick to the limit (¼ of the tank) or even a little more (¾ of the tank). So you will always have a margin. Rest, if you don’t drive around a lot… Be aware that fuel ages.

Indeed, spending three months in your tank, it tends to denature, loses vapors and density, which is understandable, when you know that gasoline remains a volatile liquid. Take care to watch your gauge located on the dashboard and avoid overfilling your tank!

Also, according to Joel Caruso, auto mechanic in the United States ” overfilling the tank can cause fuel to enter the cabin filter, this can affect the performance of your car with a risk of malfunction by damaging the engine “, he says.

Always pay attention to the fuel level gauge

Always pay attention to the fuel level gauge – Source: spm

Finding a station that offers attractive prices is the priority. Unfortunately, it’s not always nearby and you don’t have time to go around gas stations! It is therefore much more interesting to turn to the Internet and download some apps.

They often present an interactive map of petrol pumps while displaying the prices charged, thanks to reliable readings, carried out by a community of motorists attached to this kind of free service. Very quickly, you will be able to go to the cheapest gas stations, which are not necessarily located in supermarkets.

Also because of particle deposits, it is strongly advised against even by gasoline suppliers to go to the pump just after the passage of the tanker truck.

Gas up

Filling up with fuel – Source: spm

When you are there, take your time! To have a denser fuel, it is preferable to use without pressing the nozzle of the pump. Less air, more quality! A simple gesture, which many do not think of, yet the effect is guaranteed, you will consume better and less, and keep your vehicle in good condition.

You have understood, dear readers, fueling is no longer a trivial gesture! So remember to take all the necessary precautions to avoid damaging your vehicle in the long term and to make real savings. “Small streams make great rivers. !

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