March 27, 2023
Demonstrators march against the pension reform in Nantes, January 19, 2023. LOIC VENANCE/AFP

ANALYSIS – Jérôme Fourquet (Ifop) analyzes the contours of “demonstrating France”.

Eight thousand people in Châteauroux (Indre), 11,000 in Rodez (Aveyron), 6,000 in Lannion (Finistère), 7,000 in Alès (Gard)… Among the 223 processions and the 1.12 million protestersaccording to the Ministry of the Interior, who marched Thursday, January 19 against the pension reformseveral of them have attracted attention and aroused astonishment.

What the geographer and essayist Christophe Guilluy thus describes as “peripheral France”, France “of the prefectures and sub-prefectures”, has indeed mobilized in numbers against the bill put forward by Emmanuel Macron. In Foix (Ariège), more than 20% of the agglomeration was in the street. A figure that fluctuates between 5% and 10% in many medium-sized towns. And that raises questions on the eve of a second day of protest, this Tuesday.

Important trade union framework

“It is not a surprise”, deciphers Jérôme Fourquet. For the opinion and business strategy director of Ifop, the overmobilization of these prefectures and sub-prefectures is explained in particular…

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