March 24, 2023

eBuyClub is a cashback platform that allows us to earn money by shopping online. On this site, you can find many offers adapted to your search criteria, in the form of direct discounts or cashback. eBuyClub is free and also offers promotional codes that can be combined with cashback to make your purchase even cheaper. So what are the different eBuyClub products?

What is Ebuyclub

eBuyClub website

E Buy Club Buy SmartThe eBuyClub site allows you to get cashback on all your purchases from more than 2600 merchants with whom they are in partnership. To take advantage of this, you must register by clicking on the register button on the registration page.welcome of the site. L’registration can be done directly with your Facebook account, with Google, Apple or by email. After registering, eBuyClub offers you €3 which will be added directly to your kitty. But, eBuyClub also has Cashbakissimes which are great cashbacks that save you even more money on your first purchase.

Ebuyclub extension

The eBuyClub extension

The eBuyClub cashback platform also has a browser extension. called again Good Deal Alert (Toolbar), it allows you to receive real-time alerts when there is a discount code or cashback discount on the page you are viewing. It is very useful, because you do not have to go to the platform every time to search for offers and discounts. So you won’t miss any opportunity to save money and that without bothering you. Moreover, when you install this extension, eBuyClub gives you an additional €1 for free. This extension also has an automatic promo code tester function. Thanks to this function, it allows you to search for all the promo codes available during a purchase. It then automatically applies the best promo code to save you as much money as possible.

The Ebons


Ebons are one of the latest products from eBuyClub and are present exclusively on this platform. These are gift cards or vouchers that users can buy or receive directly on their account. Thanks to these Ebons, they can be reimbursed for their purchases in department stores and thus have fun. All this makes eBuyClub a fairly complete savings and good deals platform.

The free eBuyClub app

Do you also want to benefit from a refund on your in-store purchases? Don’t worry, eBuyClub has its own mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Thanks to this application and the “flashing ticket” mode, you can also benefit from cashback on your offline purchases which will be directly credited to your kitty.

Benefits of eBuyClub

The advantages of ebuyclub

One of the biggest advantages of eBuyClub is its minimum withdrawal threshold. Indeed, you can withdraw your winnings accumulated in your kitty from €10; which is very less compared to other cashback sites. Likewise, eBuyClub offers many means of withdrawal and therefore is not limited. The means of withdrawal available are, among others, bank transfer, PayPal transfer, bank check and gift cards or vouchers. Finally, compared to eBuyClub extensions, they are available on several browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) unlike some cashback extensions which are only available on Chrome.

Ultimately, if you want to save money on your online and offline purchases, eBuyClub is the best solution for you. Thanks to its various features, shopping trips will become a real pleasure for you.

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