March 20, 2023

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This Thursday, January 26, the French clubs voted against Patrick Buisson, for the post of vice-president of the FFR, following the withdrawal of Bernard Laporte. So what will happen? New elections?

And now ? The approximately 1,500 French rugby clubs mostly voted “against” (51.06%) Patrick Buisson, candidate nominated by Bernard Laporte, for the post of vice-president. The question of the post-referendum suddenly arises. Bernard Laporte, president of the FFR, removed from his post, had already thought about it.

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If the designated person were to be rejected during this consultation, “I will submit a new proposal to a new consultation, until the clubs legitimize this delegated president by a majority”, explained Bernard Laporte in a letter addressed to the Minister. of Sports Amelie Oudea. -Castéra and to the members of the ethics and deontology commissions of the FFR, at the end of last December.

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra will be present on the FFR steering committee

An assertion that inevitably caused a lot of talk in the ranks of the opposition. Following the appointment of Patrick Buisson, on January 6, Fabien Pelous, member of Ensemble Ovale, an opposition group to the presidential majority, told us his feelings about this method. He said: “It’s simply the hostage of French rugby. Because it can go until when? There are about thirty possible names to put. It can take us far, especially if each time we wait a month before the referendum…”

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In its press release published Thursday, the Federation indicates that a “steering committee will be held this Friday, January 27 in the presence of the Minister of Sports to decide on the follow-up to be given to the result of this consultation”. Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, who will therefore be present, assured us, in an exclusive interview, that “following the vote, positive or negative, I will have an exchange with the members of the Steering Committee to discuss the next steps. »

In reality, two possibilities exist: either Bernard Laporte proposes a new candidate for the post of vice-president – ​​thus leading to a new referendum – or new federal elections are organized within six weeks.

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