March 22, 2023

The Open Space and Mountain Parks team in Boulder, Colorado was surprised to discover that a black bear had been photographed nearly 400 times by the camera trap set up to track its movements. animals.

A very photogenic plantigrade. By studying pictures taken by an animal camera trap placed in the Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) in Boulder, Colorado (USA), a park ranger discovered that of the 580 photos taken, almost 400 were selfies of one and the same animal: a bear.

“These photos made us laugh”

As reported NBC News, a park spokesman, Phillip Yates, explained that “this bear took an interest in our camera and took the opportunity to take several hundred ‘selfies’. These photos made us laugh. We thought they would amuse other people too.

Indeed, the animal seems to have been captivated by the photographic object, unlike other mammals, coyotes or beavers, which do not realize the existence of electronic devices in the park. A total of nine camera traps have been distributed throughout the natural park, i.e. over the 18,000 hectares it comprises.

Now, the data collected by the camera, including the bear’s selfies, will be analyzed in more detail to determine whether habitat and natural area protection measures should be taken.

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