March 22, 2023

We now know that the ban on account sharing on Netflix is ​​fast approaching. On the other hand, we do not yet know how the platform intends to go about verifying that its subscribers have not given their password to another user. Thanks to UFC-Que Choisir, we now know a little more.

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It is no longer a secret for anyone: 2023 will mark the end of account sharing on Netflix. The platform has repeatedly expressed its disapproval of this subject in previous years and it is now only a matter of months before it bans the practice. According to him, there would be no less than 100 million users who would share their password with one or more relatives, a shortfall of $6 billion.

At present, however, there are still two great unknowns: that of the price, and that of the method. As for the first, UFC-Que Choisir has already made its own assumptions. The organization recalls that in South America, where the measure is already in force in some countries, the bill has increased by 20 to 30% on average. If we relate this figure to the price of French subscriptions, we can therefore expect an increase of 3 to 4 €/month for each user addition.

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What we know so far about the end of account sharing on Netflix

An increase that is not without risk. “We expect that, as in Latin America, the first reaction of affected users will be to leave the platform, which will impact subscriber growth in the short term. But then households will activate their own accounts and additional member accounts,” Netflix estimates. well aware of the coming exodus of users.

After the “how much”, remains the “how”. Again, Netflix has not yet communicated on how it will verify compliance with its new regulations. On the other hand, we know that the platform may refer to users IP address with each new connection, since the latter agree to bequeath this information by signing the contract of use.

“We won’t automatically charge you if you share your account with someone who doesn’t live with you,” nevertheless reassures Netflix, which therefore still leaves the mystery hanging over the question. As a reminder, in South America, users who have been added to an existing account can only view and download content on one device.

Source : UFC-What to choose

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