March 24, 2023
Like Lisa Borges and Lucas Piaud, 14, 80 young people from four sections of young firefighters in the Gironde were decorated with the civic engagement prize by the department on Wednesday. Le Figaro / Marie-Helene Herouart

They collected food and cleaned fire stations during last summer’s devastating fires. This Wednesday, the department of Gironde salutes this exemplarity by decorating them with the prize for civic engagement.

Le Figaro Bordeaux

Even firefighters need smaller than them. The 80 teenagers from four sections of young firefighters (JSP) of the Gironde, decorated with the prize for civic engagement by the department on Wednesday, proved it. During last summer’s devastating firesthey knew how to be in support “of their family», the SDIS 33.

We saw information every day that told us that it was not great, we wanted to be used for something», Explains in all simplicity Lisa Borges, 14 years old. Granddaughter of a firefighter, she then decided with Lucas Piaud to launch a collection of food in supermarkets. The two young people go to the same college, but for the past two years, it has been their commitment on Saturdays “who forged their friendship“. The teenager had this idea when he saw the flames on the edges of the highway. A few days later, they were licking his garden in Hostens.

Refusing to remain helpless, these two young people embark their section behind them, convince the supermarkets and the civilians to help them. Then, fill three cars with food to relieve the firefighters on the fire front. Did they organize with their parents? Lucas Piaud explains to Figaro : “We acted thanks to the parents, without them we could not have done anything“. Car journeys, blocked weekends, fathers and mothers are also engaged and this Wednesday their children underline it.

Admiring adults of a committed youth

Mobilized day and night, the firefighters hadn’t asked for anything. “The barracks were empty, they came to sweep the broom, bring water and food to external reinforcements for the evening meals“Describes Lieutenant-Colonel Éric Pitault, president of the authorized association of JSP de la Gironde. He was “surprisedof this initiative which belongs to them. Teenagers on long vacations did not shy away from any task, even the most thankless. Often, it was also necessary to select who could help. A dedication that makesheartwarmingof the one who voluntarily leads this school of life.

Originally from the Landes de Gascogne massif, Jean-Luc Gleyze, the president of the Department, is also admiring of their action. “It brings us back to the modesty of individual intervention which is the great wealth of collective action.“, underlines the one who decorated them. Together, the Comptroller General Marc Vermeulen, director of the Gironde departmental fire and rescue service, salutes these young people “ready to give of themselves» and recalls the duty of «interest themof those who contribute to their education.

A mantra that guides JSP facilitators. “The rescue centers have a constant concern not to be too far out of step with what they expect, while remaining within the values ​​of a constituted body, driven by a hierarchy and rules to be respected.», Specifies the man at the head of SDIS 33.

A commitment written in history

Honored this Wednesday, the JSP de la Gironde will be honored again in June in Paris, where the National Order of Merit will award them a special prize, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its creation by General de Gaulle. , December 3, 1963. By committing themselves, these young people agreed to protect their beds in history.

Will they ever put it back in place?these firewall zones“planned”by the good sense of their elders» as General Comptroller Marc Vermeulen mentioned in his speech? May be. In the meantime, the hearts of the JSPs of the Gironde are on fire with a great feeling proclaimed with force at the Figaro by Lisa Borges on behalf of all her comrades: “We are proud“.

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