April 1, 2023

With the arrival of fine weather, the first asparagus are appearing everywhere. Their harvest announces the spring.

In Rion-des-Landes (Landes), the first asparagus have arrived. Christophe Paillaugue, producer, has been repeating the gesture for 30 years every spring. He cultivates asparagus on more than 50 hectares. In recent days, rising temperatures have warmed the sandy soil of the Landes. “All it takes is a few rays of sunshine like today, and we have mound temperatures that are rising very quickly, and the asparagus are coming out of the ground”he said.

The harvest is launched in the first producing department of France, the Landes. Yields are currently below farmers’ expectations, with “asparagus that lacks a bit of thickness”. In Mazan (Vaucluse) too, the season has started. A producer sells his vegetables directly to the estate. Customers are delighted. “It’s renewal, it’s spring. Every year I come to get my asparagus, but it’s to offer to friends », confides Marie-Françoise Bernard. Synonymous with the return of fine weather, the asparagus will be harvested from March to the end of May.

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