March 26, 2023
The similar system of “special leave of absence” in the public service is extended until February 28. Day Of Victory Stu. /

This system, which allows those most at risk not to work while being compensated for 70% of their salary, was initially to disappear on January 31.

The partial activity of vulnerable people is extended for at least a month. This system, which was to end on January 31, makes it possible to take charge of vulnerable employees presenting a proven risk of developing a serious form of Covid-19.

The people concerned are likely to be highly exposed to the virus at their workstation and can neither fully resort to teleworking nor benefit from reinforced protective measures. A partial activity allowance is paid to them at 70% of their original salary.

Vulnerable employees, who today represent a few hundred people in France, must be able to be offered lasting solutions if their difficulties persist“, specifies the Ministry of Health. The device is therefore extendedthe time of the implementation of this individualized support“.

The similar device ofspecial leave of absencein the public service is also extended, until February 28.

Regarding the partial activity for “babysitting“suffering from the Coronavirus, this system ended on July 31, 2022. The usual rules apply again and parents can benefit from a leave”sick childby presenting a medical certificate to their employer.

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