June 5, 2023
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Emmanuel Macron during his trip to Dunkirk on May 12. Pascal Rossignol/REUTERS

CHRONICLE – Short sentences and behind the scenes of the political week, by Carl Meeus.

The president will go after his two biggest adversaries

A relative of Emmanuel Macron

At the Élysée, we are not unhappy with the sequence which ended, intended to give oxygen to the President of the Republic. The plummeting in the polls has been stopped, Emmanuel Macron, despite some hostile demonstrations, was able to decline the continuation of the reforms and actions of his second five-year term. His opponents described a powerless head of state, cut off from the country, motionless? “He countered all these caricatures, believes a loved one. We showed the other side.” That ofa president in the field, developing its program, displaying its determination. In this regard, the displacement of Dunkirk, on May 12, is symbolic. The positive theme of reindustrialization shows that there is no fatality to the decline of the country. The presence of the mayor, various left, Patrice Vergriete, and the president of the region, LR, Xavier Bertrand, shows that the famous “majorities of action” mentioned by the President of the Republic exist in the country in the absence of being able to operate at the…

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