March 23, 2023

This 36-year-old man organized group sex under the influence of drugs in his Paris apartment.

Fabien Fleury – a 36-year-old man who had accused Pierre Palmade of possessing child pornography – was sentenced on Friday March 17 by the Paris Criminal Court to two years in prison, one of which was suspended, reports The Parisian . He was on trial for supplying synthetic drugs during homosexual sex orgies organized in his Paris apartment.

This man had contacted investigators from the minors protection brigade a few days earlier, explaining to them that he had videos showing the comedian viewing child pornography images.

Chemsex parties

Every week, from Friday to Sunday evening, the 36-year-old man organized parties “chemsex”group sex under the influence of drugs, in his apartment on boulevard Rochechouart, details The Parisian. He asked 10 euros for entrance fees and 30 euros for drugs. Despite certain rules of caution – no more than twelve people at a time in the apartment and the instruction to “remain discreet” – the neighbors of his building, tired of the comings and goings, had ended up warning the police.

Investigators discovered that he had collected 194,000 euros in the space of two years. The suspect received 500 euros from RSA and a housing allowance while spending at the same time between 5000 and 7000 euros per month without declaring anything to taxes. The thirties also earned his living by ensuring the communication of a sex shop, by turning in gay pornographic films and by prostituting himself.

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