March 27, 2023

How to prevent children from excessive exposure to screens? Renaissance deputies have just tabled a bill to put in place a series of preventive measures, with early childhood professionals and schools.

On the initiative, the deputy of Loiret Caroline Janvier hopes for an examination of her text “in the spring” in the hemicycle, she indicated on Thursday. His group confirms that it could be on the agenda at the end of March.

Co-signed by his Renaissance colleagues, his bill provides for specific training for health and early childhood professionals, as well as prevention messages on the packaging of computers, tablets and telephones and on all advertisements for these products.

The MP also asks that the internal regulations of early childhood structures and schools include restrictive rules for the use of screens for supervisory staff.

The text plans to insert recommendations on the proper use of screens in the pregnancy diary sent to young parents, and the creation of a digital information platform for parents.

It is not “a technophobic or injunctive approach” but “to raise awareness of the proper use of screens”, underlines the parliamentarian.

Excessive screen is a “widespread phenomenon” which “starts from an early age” with “increased risks of obesity”, “sleep disorders” and “arterial hypertension”, affirms-t -she.

During the previous legislature, Caroline Janvier had already signed a column on the subject in Le Monde at the end of 2021 then tabled a first text in February 2022, which the deputies had not had time to examine before the presidential election.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the High Council for Public Health recommend not exposing children to screens before the age of two.

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