June 7, 2023
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Demonstration in the streets of Nantes, Tuesday March 21. LOIC VENANCE/AFP

DECRYPTION – The intelligence services expect up to 800,000 demonstrators and fear incidents at the end of the processions. Emmanuel Macron’s televised intervention is far from having defused the crisis and the ultra left is in ambush.

After a fleeting drop in speed at the beginning of the month, the wind of revolt sown by opponents of pension reform is blowing even harder. And that’s not theEmmanuel Macron’s television intervention, who invited himself into homes on Wednesday at lunchtime to engage in an acrobatic exercise in pedagogy, which should defuse the social bomb placed in the heart of the country. The intelligence services expect this Thursday between 600,000 and 800,000 people in the streets of France on the occasion of the ninth national day of action. Either a “base” similar to that estimated before the previous episode of March 15, marked by an estimated mobilization of 480,000 demonstrators. Watched by weariness, many refractory had stayed at home. But since then, rebellious France has blown on the embers at the assembly, the government has drawn 49.3 before narrowly escaping a censorship that the street was calling for.

Since Thursday, a new form of protest…

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