April 1, 2023
The Reims coach is satisfied with the result of the match. Federico Pestellini / PANORAMIC

The Stade de Reims coach is delighted with the performance of his men.

Will Still (Reims coach, who went for the 1-1 draw in Paris): “The content was very, very good, especially in the first half. But it’s nice to take a point at the Park, despite the fact that they are at ten. We showed a good image of Reims, we showed that we wanted to play, to press. We continue on this good momentum (Reims is undefeated for 12 matches in L1, editor’s note). This is a point taken by the collective. Balogun, we’ve been saying it for two, three months, he’s a super complete striker, he has a deep grip, he’s able to play with his back to goal, his technique is very clean, and he doesn’t have need a lot of chances to score a goal.»

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