March 27, 2023

What is a Californian massage?

the Californian massage is the technique of relaxing massage the most used in the world and at the origin of other techniques. “It is a technique of bodily and psychic relaxation”, explains Anne-Charlotte Brodier, naturopath and well-being masseuse. This is, in fact, the basis of wellness massage.

Californian massage is also called the “heart touch”. Why ? ” Because the relaxation generated by the practitioner allows the person being massaged to reconnect with their emotions strengths and its potential tensions”explains the naturopath and wellness masseuse.

the Californian massage is an enveloping, nurturing, cocooning treatment.

Why do a Californian massage?

the Californian massage brings many benefits both physically and psychologically. Anne-Charlotte Brodier, naturopath and well-being masseuse details them.

• Like all massages, the Californian massage improves blood circulation and theymphatic what optimizes the eliminatory functions of the body.

• The Californian massage leads to overall body relaxation : it acts on the muscleson the tendons, on the joints.

• The Californian massage has a positive effect on the nervous system because it promotes emotional relaxation, psychic relaxation. It decreases the stress and theanxiety by allowing a space of safety and letting go.

• The Californian massage allows body anchoring: from the top of the head to the tips of the feet.

What is a Californian massage like?

The session starts with a making contact with the person wishing to have a massage in order to get to know them better in order to better meet their needs. “During this contact, the practitioner asks the person what their current psycho-emotional state is, if there are areas of the body that they do not wish to see massaged, and if the person wishes to insist on certain areas. from the body “, explains Anne-Charlotte Brodier.

What outfit for a Californian massage?

the Californian massage practiced on the whole body, from head to toe, it is advisable either, if the person being massaged feels sufficiently comfortable, to be naked“We then cover it with a large towel”reassures Anne-Charlotte Brodier, either to stay in underwear. “The less there are parts of the body covered, the more the patient can feel the different parts of his anatomy and memorize his body diagram, the less there are also breaks in the gestures”specifies the well-being masseuse.

According to the practitioner, the Californian massage can be practiced either on the ground, on a futon, or, more classically, on a massage table. “Carried out on a futon, rather than on a massage table, the Californian massage offers more space to the patient, and allows him to feel more the points of contact with his body and the ground, thus promoting anchoring”, specifies the well-being masseuse.

What parts of the body?

To perform a Californian massage, the masseuse coats her hands with oil. “The massage is practiced on the whole body, recalls the well-being masseuse. The patient first settles down on his stomach, and the massage starts from the back of the body, a less vulnerable part of the anatomy.says Anne-Charlotte Brodier. The body is ‘divided’ into four parts: lower and upper rear body, lower and upper front body. Thus, all parts of the body are massaged: feet, legs, stomach, back, arms…

The Californian massage protocol

How does this massage take place? “The Californian massage is performed using several types of maneuvers: gentle gestures, of the slow touches with both hands intended to envelop and relax the person being massaged, kneadingbut also firmer, more stimulating gesturesdetails the wellness masseuse. And, in case of muscle tensionin particular at the level of the back, the latter can be lifted by harmonisations, stretching, soft percussion. »

Lasting from 50 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, the Californian massage really allows you to achieve total well-being.

The benefits of Californian massage

To enjoy the relaxation and relaxation provided by the Californian massageit is important to take a break right after. “It is important to ask, at the end of the session, the person being massaged how they feel in their body, in their headrecommends Anne-Charlotte Brodier. This will allow him to become aware of his physical and mental state. »

This self-reflection after having received a Californian massage makes it possible to prolong the immediate benefits. “Indeed, subsequently, by regularly taking time to pay attention to his breathingto the posture in which we are, to how we feel, the more the body will be able to relax over a long period of time »explains the wellness masseuse.

What is the difference between Californian massage and Swedish massage?

the Californian massage and Swedish massage have nothing to do! “Swedish massage is a more dynamic massage, more firming, which supports more in depth, indicated for the preparation and sports recovery”, explains Anne-Charlotte Brodier.

Contraindications to Californian massage

This relaxing treatment has, like any type of massage, some contraindications. It is important to know them before wishing to benefit from a Californian massage.

Anne-Charlotte Brodier, well-being masseuse details them below:

• In the event of an acute state of illness: fever, inflammation.

• In case of skin lesions.

• In case of muscle or joint trauma.

• In pregnant women during first trimester of pregnancy. The latter being the most at risk of miscarriage in particular.

• In young children due to the fragility of their tissues.

• In the event of serious pathologies: this is the case for people suffering from cancer. Since Californian massage increases blood and lymphatic circulation, it risks causing cancer cells to circulate more. The Californian massage is also canceled in case of diabetes important, of rheumatoid arthritisof fibromyalgiaof multiple sclerosis.

In all other cases, if you want to experience a real moment of well-being, it would be wrong to deprive yourself of it!

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