March 22, 2023
Two women hold up signs during a demonstration in Rennes against the pension reform, January 19, 2023. DAMIEN MEYER/AFP

DECRYPTION – The government is embarrassed, while some deputies are already preparing to step up.

With raising the retirement age, some mothers lose the advantage of quarters granted during their career for children. On Sunday, the Prime Minister showed herself open to a discussion on a better use of these quarters, while certain deputies are already preparing to step up to the plate on the subject. Two paths would be possible.

First solution, allow the sharing of quarters with the father, who would need it to reach his full rate. For children born before 2010, splitting trimesters is not possible. Since 2010, under the effect of laws in favor of parity, half of the quarters can be allocated to one or the other of the parents, provided that they make their choice before the child is 4 years old.

If we harmonize the quarters for children, then we must also harmonize survivors’ pensions, which remains the biggest discrimination between public and private

Bruno Chrétien, President of the Institute for Social Protection

The other scenario, which holds the rope more, would be to grant a “bonus” of pension for the mothers, equivalent to these quarters. It can be said that motherhood has slowed women down in their progress…

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