March 22, 2023

The mother of Lucas, a 13-year-old schoolboy who committed suicide after being harassed about his homosexuality, spoke for the first time following the tragedy.

“There is anger,” testified the bereaved mother. Séverine, the mother of Lucas, a 13-year-old schoolboy who committed suicide on January 7 after being harassed in his establishment because of his homosexuality, spoke for the first time, in the columns of Vosges morning.

Séverine initially confided in her deep sadness, explaining that she “felt empty” following the death of her child. The mother said the family had “stepped away from the news and social media”, and that she had also taken time out from her professional activity in order to devote herself to her two other children.

“We fly over social networks. A lot of things have been said, a lot of things are distorted and we really don’t need that”, denounced Séverine.

“This anger will always be present”

The mother returned to the facts and confided her anger. “Yes there is anger, and this anger will always be present because it (the suicide of his son) was sudden, incomprehensible”.

Séverine said that she had made “two or three reports” of the harassment suffered by her teenager, at the Louis Armand college, in Golbey (Vosges), which he attended. The mother of the family felt that not everything had been made to protect his son. “A lot of people are wrong,” repeated Lucas’s mother.

Allegations that will have to be corroborated by the various investigations. One of them had also allowed the placement in custody of four teenagerseducated in the same establishment and suspected of being the authors of mockery towards Lucas.

Another investigation against X for non-denunciation of ill-treatment of minors was also opened, had specified the prosecutor of Épinal Frédéric Nahon.

A message of hope

Lucas’ mom also defended the right to do “whatever we see fit”. It must be said that in life, we do what we want. No matter how others look, you have to love yourself,” said Séverine.

A message of hope that she intends to carry on Sunday February 5 on the occasion of a white march organized in tribute to her son Lucas, in Épinal, during which she “ask for the wrongs to be recognized and for justice to be done”.

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