March 27, 2023

CINEMA – The cinema gives strong emotions to the spectators in the dark rooms, but also sometimes to the directors behind the camera. On the set of The Fabelmanswhich will be released on February 22 in France, Steven Spielberg shed a few tears upon seeing the performance of michelle williams and Paul Dano.

In this semi-autobiographical film nominated seven times Oscars 2023, the two actors play characters inspired by the late parents of the director. Michelle Williams, who plays Mitzi Fabelman, recounted the touching moment when she saw Steven Spielberg cry and how she was torn between tenderness and pride, as shown in the video at the top of the article.

Michelle Williams very touched

“You have in front of you a man who is crying because he is very moved to see his parents again. So you have compassion for him but at the same time, as an actor, you say to yourself inside ”Oh, thank God it’s working. We are on the right path” »she delivered.

For the actress, The Fabelmans is a tribute to Steven Spielberg’s parents: “they are the reason he made this movie”she believes, “because he loved them so much and he wanted to bring them back to life, honor them and tell their story.”

Michelle Williams herself was very touched by her character, a mother and talented pianist, with whom she forged a special bond: “I loved being her. I loved having so much to shine and so much to give, to the point that I really missed her when the shoot was over.”she admitted.

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