March 26, 2023

The filming of the game from the series “Squid Game” turned into “chaos”, report this Wednesday the DailyMail and the Sun.

“The real version of Squid Game has turned into a nightmare,” said the Sun in an article published on Wednesday. “Kept secret”, the filming of a game adapted from the “Squid Game” series would have caused its participants to endure an ordeal also reports the DailyMail, which evokes “scenes of chaos”.

The candidates involved would give everything to obtain the record gain of 3.7 million pounds sterling (4.2 million euros approximately). So much so that, faced with intense cold conditions, -3° C it is indicated, they would have wanted to stay as long as possible, the aim of the test to be taken up being “to remain motionless as long as possible” , according to the Sun.

Some would therefore go beyond bearable, and medical assistance would have been required for many of them. Players told The Sun: “It was like a war zone.”

The publication, which specifies that the filming takes place in a “secret” location – “a former Royal Air Force base near Bedford which hosted films like Batman” – describes participants who will do anything not to be eliminated, even crawling exhausted to the finish.

“Even if the hypothermia happened, people were ready to stay as long as possible because there was a lot of money at stake. Too many of them were determined not to move, so they stayed there for far too long. “, reports a source.

“You could hear someone shouting ‘doctor’ and the team was rushing. We ended up standing for 30 minutes between takes. Some were crawling at the end. At least one was taken away on a stretcher (…) There were people who arrived thinking they were going to become millionaires but they left in tears.

The Daily Mail specifies that the players stayed in a hotel in London, before being transported by bus on Monday morning to the set. “When we arrived, it was very cold,” said one of the competitors.

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“Everyone was shaking. They said that when the doll was going to start singing, we could move on, also tells a witness from the Sun. When she would stop singing, if we moved we would go out”.

“They gave us thermal clothes, two pairs of socks, a shirt, sneakers and green tracksuits. We each had blood bags under our clothes that burst automatically if they caught us moving, to make it look like you were shot,” another said.

“Hundreds were knocked out in the first round. The ‘survivors’ (the qualified, editor’s note) stayed in bunk beds in the studio, as in the television series, ”underlines the Sun, according to which filming should continue next month.

For its part, the Netflix platform, which develops the show, would have declared, by way of appeasement, that “Netflix, Studio Lambert and The Garden take care of contributors as one of its highest priorities and breaks regular toilets, water and food are standard practices categorically expected in production”.

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