March 28, 2023

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite’s “HiRISE” camera captured a photo where a bear’s head appears to dissociate. Here is the rational explanation for this optical illusion.

“A bear on Mars”? This is the question that was asked by the Twitter account of the HiRISE camera, in orbit on the red planet since 2006, and at the origin of a shot where a bear’s face stands out.

According to geologist Alfred McEwen, in charge of the program, it is actually “a hill with a V-shaped collapse structure (the nose), two craters (the eyes) and a circular fracture pattern (the head)”.

The scientist specified that some of these elements, like the nose, could be flows of mud or even volcanic lava.

Go back in time.  This is what NASA offers to Internet users, via a tool put online for Hubble's 30th anniversary in 2020

This is not the first time that an image taken by a satellite has been hijacked. Indeed, last May, a certain door seemed to appear in a rock formation on the planet Mars.

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