March 24, 2023

According to the prosecutors in charge of the FTX file, Sam Bankman-Fried would try to contact potential witnesses in the context of his trial in order to influence them. Therefore, lawyers would like the former CEO of FTX to no longer have access to private means of communication. Moreover, we learn at the same time that SBF would have organized questionable transactions at the time of the bankruptcy of FTX.

Sam Bankman-Fried wants to influence witnesses

Sam Bankman-Fried trying to influence witnesses for his upcoming trial ? That’s what US federal prosecutors think, writing to the judge in the Southern District of New York, and asking review the conditions of detention of the former CEO of FTX.

According to the document transferred to the court, SBF would have recently contacted Ryne Miller, FTX US General Counsel to discuss further:

“I would really like to get back in touch and see if there is a way for us to have a constructive relationship, to use each other as resources when possible, or at least to go over some things. »

Beyond Miller’s case alone, Sam Bankman-Fried also reportedly made contact with former colleagues likely to testify at his trialand more particularly employees who have received financial compensation:

“The government seeks to limit defendant’s (Sam Bankman-Fried) contact only with current and former employees of FTX and Alameda, the very people who until recently were defendant’s underlings, that he supervised and compensated financially, who are therefore most vulnerable to bullying. »

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New elements arise in the management of FTX

Thus, the prosecutors wish that Sam Bankman-Fried no longer has access to private means of communication for FTX employees, whether current or former employees.

According to the document, the former CEO of FTX contacted Ryne Miller via Signa’s ultra-secure messaging appl, which allows in particular to encrypt communications.

In addition, we also learn that SBF was indeed in a discussion group on Signal with some of its closest lieutenants last November, at the time of its bankruptcy, what the person concerned had denied in the past.

Worse still, prosecutors reveal that SBF gave instructions to liquidate Alameda Research investments so that FTX customers are able to withdraw their funds.

Additionally, according to prosecutors, $45 million was transferred from Alameda to FTX.US for “ fill a hole in the balance sheet [de l’entreprise] “, while SBF recently affirmed that the US branch of the exchange was fully solvent and able to reimburse all of its customers.

At last, Caroline Ellison, former CEO of Alameda who agreed to testify against Sam Bankman-Fried, affirms that the latter voluntarily used encrypted messaging because he knew that ” many legal cases rely on documentation and it is more difficult to build a legal case if the information is not written down or preserved. »

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Source : Bloomberg

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