March 27, 2023

The further the war in Ukraine progresses, the more it appears that relations of all kinds with Russia must be suspended. The IOC would like Russia to participate in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. If so, Ukrainians threaten to boycott these games.

They’re right. Canada should do the same if Russia is invited. But the international community should go much further than this suspension of Russia at the Paris Olympics. For two reasons, one moral and the other political. Moral: Vladimir Putin’s Russia is waging a genocidal war of aggression against Ukraine. Politics: Russia’s suspension from various international activities is a great way to show Russians how condemned Putin’s actions are around the world. The more time passes, the more Emmanuel Macron’s concern not to humiliate Russia seems futile. Moreover, it is not Russia that should feel humiliated, but Putin and his band of assassins.

1. Why should Russian athletes be banned from participating in the 2024 Olympics?

One would have thought that after the media catastrophe of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which allowed the leaders of Xi Jinping’s totalitarian China to regain their virginity, the leaders of the IOC would have understood that the participation of Russians in the Beijing Olympics 2024 would likely have the same effect on Putin and his cronies. One would have thought that after the criticism of the hosting of the World Cup in Qatar, the organizers of international sporting events would have been more sensitive to the political fallout of such events. But they slowly understand.

  • Listen to the chronicle of Loïc Tassé, specialist in international politics at the microphone of Benoit Dutrizac on QUB-radio :

2. Why should Canada boycott the Olympics if Russia participates?

It seems that money speaks louder than anything else for the organizers of the Olympics. The immense disappointment of the athletes who could not participate in the Olympics due to a suspension or a boycott does not weigh much next to the suffering of the Ukrainians. If several countries, including Canada, decide to boycott the 2024 Olympics, significant amounts of advertising and royalties of all kinds will disappear from the IOC’s coffers. That should get them moving.

3. Should Russia be suspended from further events?

Russia should be suspended from all international events in all fields, whether sporting, cultural, political or economic. It should be understood that the Russian leadership is waging a war of genocidal aggression. These are extremely serious crimes that place Russian leaders in the same category as the Pol Pots, Adolf Hitlers and other monsters that have plagued history. The Russian war against Ukraine, through its barbarism and its desire to annihilate Ukrainians and their culture, goes far beyond, for example, the Soviet war against Afghanistan. A war which had however led to the boycott of the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

4. Is boycotting or suspending Russia anti-Russian?

Such actions are not anti-Russian, on the contrary. Russia is one of the jewels of the West. But precisely, out of respect for the Russian people, countries that have civilized governments at their head should not hesitate to cut ties with the despotic government of Putin. The Russians will see it and understand what is happening.

  • Listen to the chronicle of Loïc Tassé, specialist in international politics at the microphone of Benoit Dutrizac on QUB-radio :

5. Should Canada lead by example?

He used to do it. But the Canadian government lost that courage long ago.

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