March 24, 2023

Guest of La Matinale de CNEWS this Thursday, January 26, Robert Ménard, mayor of Béziers (Hérault), returned to the deliveries of heavy tanks to Ukraine announced by Germany and the United States. According to him, France must also follow this movement in order to defend its interests.

According to him, France would have every interest in sending tanks to Ukraine. This was supported by the mayor of Béziers (Hérault), Robert Ménard, on the set of CNEWS, this Thursday, January 26. According to him, Paris should not hesitate to deliver Leclerc tanks, and even Rafale planes, to kyiv.

“We cannot say at the same time “it is freedom, human rights that we are defending over there”” and not do it, affirmed Robert Ménard. He then alluded to Western hesitation in the face of pressing demands for Volodymyr Zelenskywhich calls for heavy tanks and combat aircraft as soon as possible to counter the Russian offensive.

France still hesitates

If the United States and theGermany finally gave in, announcing on Wednesday the sending of Abrams and Leopard 2 armored vehicles, France has not yet made a decision. According to Elisabeth Borne, the “analysis” of the situation continues “with the Minister of the Armed Forces”.

Robert Ménard believes for his part that the delivery of Leclerc tanks to Ukraine is obvious. “When we supply arms to Ukraine, we are not only defending the interests of Ukraine, we are defending the interests of France by Ukraine“, did he declare.

Convinced that “we are not depriving France of the means to defend itself” by supporting kyiv militarily, the mayor of Béziers “hopes that the Leclerc tanks will be given away”. “What is happening there is the defense of France,” he assured.

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