March 22, 2023

For the second day of national mobilization against the pension reform, this Tuesday, January 31, half of the primary school teachers plan to strike.

The school will be one of the key sectors of the second day of national mobilization against the pension reform, Tuesday, January 31. The Snuipp-FSU, first union of primary education, foresees 50% of strikers among primary school teachers.

On January 19, during the first day of national mobilization, the union had posted a higher rate of strikers, at 70%. But, for Guislaine David, secretary general of Snuipp-FSU, the forecasts for this Tuesday remain the sign of a high level of protest.

A “major concern”

This mobilization of magnitude is, according to her, “not a surprise because we feel that the question of retirement is a major concern for teachers“. One of those we hear about “in the master room”.

1 to 2 million people demonstrated against the pension reform in France on January 19th. This Tuesday, a source in the intelligence services expects 1.2 million protesters at the national level, including 100,000 in Paris. This is an “upper range” estimate, which provides for “240 processions or gatherings”.

Gerald Darmanin announced the mobilization of 11,000 police and gendarmes to supervise the demonstrations, including 4,000 in Paris. He said he hoped the protests would pass “without serious incident”, as on the previous day of strike action.

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