June 7, 2023
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The study demonstrates the effectiveness of syllabic reading, which operates independently of the student’s sociocultural capital. Paul DELORT/Le Figaro

DECRYPTION – An unprecedented long-term investigation confirms its effectiveness. It also shows the pedagogical wandering of teachers.

These are solid scientific results, which confirm the effectiveness, for all pupils, of strictly “syllabic” reading methods (decoding, by associating letters with sounds). Results also showing that the “global” approach (ideovisual recognition of words) still largely permeates the teaching culture. And that the old debate dating back to the 1970s is not over.

It was at the Collège de France that the sociologist Jérôme Deauvieau, member of the Scientific Council for National Education (CSEN), presented on May 24 the results of a vast survey carried out in 2021 among 9,342 CP teachers, i.e. 20 % of them. She crossed their practices in terms of learning to read with the results of their 130,310 students during national assessments. “Massive data, unique in the world”, insists the neuroscientist and president of the CSEN Stanislas Dehaene, in the introduction to the conference.

“100% decipherable”

Based on a statistical model that…

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