March 28, 2023

A new type of radar is about to arrive in France. In Lyon, they will be able to calculate the number of people in a single car. The goal: to ensure that drivers in the carpool lane are not alone.

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If certain types of speed cameras are currently living their last hours in France, the authorities are constantly innovating in this area and developing new models to better control our roads. As proof of this, the latest announcement by Jean-François Kolhaas, vice-president in charge of Travel for Greater Lyon, with Le Figaro. The latter will have a very specific role.

Indeed, on the outskirts of the metropolis, drivers have seen the emergence of a new type of lane on the main roads, in particular the A6 and A7 motorways. More specifically, it is a small diamond-shaped panel, located above the left lane, which requires drivers using the latter to carry at least one additional passenger.

Lyon will install new speed cameras to encourage carpooling

Although the purpose of this new regulation is to encourage the inhabitants of Lyon to adopt carpooling around the city, it happens that this route continues to be used by drivers alone in their car. So that brings us back to our new radars. You guessed it, their role will be to check that the cars in the carpool lane are indeed carrying several passengers.

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Its thermal sensors will thus be able to detect two adults in the front seats, even behind tinted windows. On the other hand, Jean-François Kolhaas recognizes the limits of this technology, in particular unable to locate a baby in a child seat. “Radars are never 100% effective, but the State approves them when the margin of error is less than 4%, i.e. from 96%”, he points out. It is not yet known how many of these radars the metropolis intends to install.

Source : Le Figaro

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