March 22, 2023

Just before being received by the National Assembly’s Social Affairs Commission, the Secretary General of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, called on the population to “multiply actions by January 31”.

A large-scale mobilization in sight? While the intersyndicale is being heard this Wednesday, January 25 by the Social Affairs Commission, the Secretary General of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, called on “the entire population to multiply actions by January 31”, the scheduled date of the second interprofessional demonstration against pension reform.

“Our organizations can also count on the support of the population. The inter-union petition gathers 750,000 signatures on this date. 70% of French people reject this reform and two thirds support the mobilizations”, indicated Philippe Martinez near the National Assembly.

“We have called for increasing by January 31, the date of the next mobilization, actions and initiatives throughout the territory in companies and services, in places of study, including through strikes”, a- he added.

Philippe Martinez considered that “our pay-as-you-go system is not in danger and nothing justifies a reform so unfair and brutal.

“We are here today, responsible for our organizations, to collectively reaffirm our opposition to the reform project which goes against the interests of workers in raising the legal retirement age to 64 and by accelerating the extension of the contribution period,” he said.

A renewable strike?

On Tuesday, the CGT-Cheminots brandished the threat of a renewable strike “from mid-February” if the government does not reverse the pension reform. An announcement that could “spoil” the winter holidays of some French people.

“From the moment the government stubbornly persists in what makes conflict, there is the possibility of days of action during school holidays”, had already noted the secretary general of the CGT Philippe Martinez, Sunday on RTL.

For the time being, “the UNSA Ferroviaire and CFDT Cheminots federations did not wish to follow up on this proposal”, informs the “railroad workers” branch of the union.

It should also be noted that the CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail have called for two days of action at the SNCF February 7 and 8.

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