March 24, 2023

The CGT unions of the National Federation of Chemical Industries (petroleum branch) called for a strike this Thursday, January 26 for a period of 48 hours to protest against the pension reform wanted by the government.

A blockage of refineries in sight? While the government is constantly trying to protect its pension reformunion voices are rising across the country, and in all sectors, to force the executive to backtrack on its project.

If a mobilization on a national scale is planned next Tuesday, January 31, a call for a 48-hour strike for this Thursday January 26 and Friday January 27 has been launched by the oil branch of the CGT-National Federation of Chemical Industries ( FNIC).

“Oil workers will be present in the struggle and, at the same time, warn that there is an absolute necessity for the balance of power to be maintained and raised, that employees in all economic sectors, public and private, engage in strikes and demonstrations called by the CGT“said the oil branch of the union in a press release.

This is news that could well worry motorists, among whom the memory of the refinery blockages last fall is still vivid. “In the event of an announcement of requisitions, we call on all workers to converge on oil sites to defend the right to strike and to fight together,” however, has already warned the union.

In its press release, the CGT-FNIC pleads for a retirement at age 60 for all workers and early retirement at 55 for heavy work, indexation of wages to inflation, portability of early retirement rights between companies and a seniority bonus on real wages.

Regarding the mobilization against the pension reform, this is the second strike in the sector after that of January 19 which lasted only 24 hours. That day, at 9:30 a.m., less than 2% of French service stations were out of fuel, according to public data analyzed by AFP.

The fact remains that in addition to the mobilization of today and tomorrow, a third strike lasting 72 hours is already planned from February 6, “date on which the employees will be offered the renewable strike with if necessary shutdown of refining facilities”. A situation monitored very closely by the government and motorists.

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