March 24, 2023

During a trip to Pas-de-Calais this Sunday, January 29, the president of the RN group in the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen, advised Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne not to “go too far” on its pension reform.

Marine Le Pen raises her voice. The president of the RN group in the National Assembly warned the Prime Minister Elisabeth Bornethis Sunday, January 29 during a trip to Pas-de-Calais, against his highly contested pension reform, suggesting that he “not go too far” before the vote of the deputies.

“I think she shouldn’t go too far, because, party as it is, it is not at all impossible that her pension reform will not be voted on, in any case we will do everything so that it is not,” said Marine Le Pencame to attend the wishes of Mayor RN Steeve Briois in Hénin-Beaumont.

The patron saint of RN deputies denounced a reform “as unfair as it is brutal and inefficient”, ensuring that she would do “everything to convince, including elected officials who are from other groups, not to go astray” in this government project .

While RN activists intend to participate in the mobilization of next January 31Marine Le Pen explained that while they “demonstrate, we will lead the fight within the Assembly to defeat this pension reform”.

“It is no longer negotiable”

This Sunday morning, on the sidelines of a trip to Calvados, Elisabeth Borne has shown its firmness regarding the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64, believing that it “is no longer negotiable”.

“This is the compromise that we proposed after having heard the employers’ organizations and trade unions, after having exchanged with the various parliamentary groups (…) It is necessary to ensure the balance of the system”, explained the Prime Minister .

“If we had only one parameter, then it wouldn’t be 43 years of contribution and 64 years to be able to retire, it could be 45 years of contribution period, which seems impossible to us to ask the French “, she added.

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