March 26, 2023

A hundred winegrowers have created the association “Paye ton pinard” to fight against sexism conveyed in the wine industry by clichés and inappropriate behavior.

A movement aimed at normalizing the place of women in this very masculine environment. On the occasion of the national day against Sexism which took place on Wednesday January 25, CNEWS met the winemaker Laurence Arias, producer of Cabernay in the Haut-Médoc appellation.

The latter spoke of the difficulties she encounters on a daily basis to find a place for herself in the wine world. She took several years to establish herself, as well as her partner, because of the many clichés linked to the sector.

“When we talk to people about our wine, many find it hard to imagine that everything is made by women. We always imagine that there is a man behind somewhere, whether in winemaking, in the vineyard or at least in mechanics”, testified the professional.

Vocabulary and behaviors to review

Laurence Arias wanted to make a point about the sexist vocabulary used in this environment. “We always hear about the robe of the wine, its structure or whether it has thigh or not… it’s all earthy. Today this vocabulary completely sexist wine hits us more and more”, analyzed the latter.

The winemaker felt that the working conditions of women have evolved little by little, but relations with men are still complicated in this masculine universe.

“There are sexist remarks during extended committees during a trade show or around a table. It’s always a bit tricky, we’re not used as a woman, and more particularly as a woman of my generation, to take things up again. I have a little confidence in the next generation”, assured the wine specialist again.

“Pay your pinard” to fight against sexism

To deal with these prejudices and sexist behavior, a hundred winegrowers lead “Paye ton pinard”. This association, which is present in trade fairs in particular, aims to denounce sexist behavior and sexual assault in the wine industry.

To finance “Paye ton pinard”, they put on sale different clothes with strong messages in support of their cause. On this post instagramthey have for example created a T-shirt “we get up and we break”.

Of the 35 euros of the total price displayed for the article, seven euros are donated to the association.

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