June 5, 2023
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Three gendarmes were injured this Thursday, May 25 during an intervention on a beach in Pas-de-Calais intended to prevent a group of migrants from setting sail for England.

Thirty-eight migrants were taken into custody on Thursday for “violence in meetings” after three gendarmes were injured when they wanted to prevent a boat from setting sail in Oye-Plage (Pas-de-Calais), we learned from the Saint-Omer prosecutor’s office.

“two have ITTs of three and six days”

These three gendarmes were traveling in a buggy when they were stoned in the morning by migrants, which led to the loss of control of their vehicle. “The windshield of one of the buggies shattered following the throwing of a stone” and it “swerved into soft sands, causing it to roll over,” said the prosecution.

The aggression “continued on the three gendarmes stuck in the buggy before their colleagues quickly intervened to free them”.

These three gendarmes, who “suffered from limb and skull injuries”, were “not hospitalized”, but “two have ITTs of three and six days”. The police custody was still in progress Thursday evening, “all the people are auditioned” and “images used to establish the exact implications”, indicated the prosecution.

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