March 26, 2023

After the controversy launched at the end of 2021 on social networks by lovers of Paris on the poor condition of the Pont des Arts, the Parisian municipality had announced its intention to renovate it in 2022. Scheduled to start last fall, the work was delayed, but should start by March.

“The construction site is settling in slowly”, announced the mayor of Paris Center Ariel Weil this week, ending the wait experienced by lovers of the capital, who have been pleading for months for the renovation of the famous Pont des Arts. More than six months late about what was plannedthe site will indeed begin to be installed during the month of March, before the start of work scheduled for April.

Work all summer

From March until August, the yard will therefore work to restore the reputation of the Pont des Arts, deemed to be damaged or even dangerous. “It’s been two years since I wrote that the Pont des Arts is in a pitiful state”, confirms the mayor of the 6th arrondissement of Paris Jean-Pierre Lecoq, who is delighted to have “finally” a date marking the start of the work. .

Affirming that it is a “wonderful place known all over the world”, “one of the most beautiful places in Paris”, the elected official regrets “that it took so long to renovate this footbridge “. “The decking is very damaged, the slats are even rebiquer, it’s a miracle that no one has taken a slat in the face like in a cartoon”, ironically the one who has been mayor of the 6th for more than 28 years.

“The Pont des Arts deserves our interest”, he underlines, wondering “if we should not now be more severe” with those who degrade the site. “There are cyclists passing at full speed, and even scooters,” laments the mayor, who calls “cyclists to dismount”.

Wood supply problem

But as the assistant in charge of heritage Karen Taïeb points out, the construction was delayed due to a wood supply problem. Complications already announced by the assistant in charge of the transformation of the public space David Belliard, who explained almost a year ago that “the global tension on the wood market” had “delayed the project”.

For several years, the mayor of the 6th has been calling for the Pont des Arts to be renovated.

And for those who use this footbridge every day or just for those who would like to take their picture on what is known as the lovers’ bridge, don’t panic during the works, since it will remain open and accessible despite the Construction in progress. “They have planned the coup, the Pont des Arts will remain open, and you can still cross,” promised the mayor.

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