March 27, 2023

The opening in Paris of a pop-up store entirely dedicated to dishes prepared with shells is unleashing passions on social networks. Internet users accuse him in particular of excessive prices.

Regressive dish par excellence, shells are generally unanimous. But the opening in Paris of a pop-up entirely devoted to this pasta dish has been the subject of bad buzz for a few days.

Owned by the Not So Dark group – which has just changed its name to Clone – this pop-up restaurant, open until February 5, was to promote the brand, which is already available on home delivery platforms.

But the publication of a subject on the opening set fire to the powder keg. Dozens of comments are surprised at the prices charged by the brand, ie 12.90 euros for a dish of shells such as the Coqui’chicken boursin, the coquitruffle or the Savoyarde.

“I will never understand this concept of going to a restaurant to eat things that you can easily cook at home”, is surprised a surfer on Twitter.

“It’s the BIGGEST and the most BEAUTIFUL robbery I’ve seen so far, frankly well played, I’m taking notes,” commented another.

Some dare to use humor: “If it works, I’ll open a potato bar. A la carte hash browns, potato gratin, Dauphine potato, potato pancake, mashed potato from €11.90 for a 200g portion.»

On Instagram, the comments accompanying the post announcing the opening are no more tender: “a horror, really the price for the quantity is just pathetic. A packet of pasta shells is 1 euro, you guys don’t have it, ”says a surfer.

Coquillettes pop-up store, 133, rue Saint-Denis, Paris 1st.

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