March 24, 2023
A post from an American dad who left his family Wathsapp group sparked a lot of comments. reewungjunerr /

TESTIMONIALSIntrusive notifications, stress, addiction, loss of time on a daily basis… There are many reasons that lead to the disconnection of messaging services.

I’m leaving, and it’s signed by a grumpy old man born before cell phones.The decision by Thomas D’Orazio, a 51-year-old father living in Pennsylvania in the United States, sparked strong reactions on Twitter. no longer supporting the influx of messages on the WhatsApp group which he shared with his wife and two daughters, he ended up taking leave, with humor. His last message, posted on Twitter by his daughter, has been viewed nearly fifteen million times: “I can’t read all this, I can’t stand having to always have to laugh or like or add little hearts to every thought, photo or joke posted here. Yes, I will love, I will laugh, I will always sympathize with you. But I can’t live with this pressure anymore, I’m leaving, and it’s signed by a grumpy old man born before cell phones.»

Leave WhatsApp, Messenger, Teams and other conversations, or at least mute them: a decision that goes against the grain in our hyperconnected world, but that some like Thomas D’Orazio end up taking, to free themselves from the flood of notifications, avoid professional overwork, escape the clumsy messages of family boomers or the ridiculous selfies of “millennials“… A choice that can sometimes be poorly received by those around you, or even cause discomfort. However, there is no shortage of good reasons to take leave of these messaging services!

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