March 22, 2023

While driving a hundred meters from a wood in Quevillon, near Rouen (Normandy), this Saturday, January 28, a woman received a rifle bullet in the headrest of her vehicle. The projectile would come from a hunter.

Saving centimeters. A woman filed a complaint this Saturday, January 28, 2023 after the bullet from a shotgun passed through the passenger compartment of her vehicle, to lodge in her headrest, a few centimeters from her skull, reports Paris-Normandy. The facts took place in Quevillon, near Rouen (Normandy).

An investigation was opened to determine the identity of the shooter, who would probably be a hunter present during a hunting action which took place in a wood, at the time of the facts. Criminal identification went to the scene this Sunday, January 29 in search of additional elements.

The president of the federation of hunters of Seine-MaritimeJosé Doméné-Guérin, meanwhile neither affirmed nor denied that the bullet came from a hunter’s rifle, specifies the local media.

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