March 22, 2023

LeBron James is very close to breaking the historic record for points scored in the NBA held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It could happen in a few days.

38,387 points. This is the mark set by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar after his last career game NBA April 23, 1989. A record. More than 38 years later, LeBron James is on the way to overtaking him.

“King James”, who is not having the best season of his franchise career (the Lakers have been out of the Top 10 in the Western Conference since the start of the season), has crossed the 38,000 point mark (38,271 pts). He only has 117 units left to beat “KAJ”. And it could achieve this in early February, according to estimates. Provided you do not miss any meeting by then.

According to ESPN, which set up a tally, LeBron James could beat that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar record on Feb. 11 against the Golden State Warriors. But with the King, anything is possible, including a series of big performances.

Here is the Los Angeles Lakers schedule

January 30: Brooklyn Nets

January 31: New York Knicks

February 2: Indiana Pacers

February 4: New Orleans Pelicans

February 7: Oklahoma City Thunder

February 9: Milwaukee Bucks

February 11: Golden State Warriors

February 13: Portland Trail Blazers

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