March 23, 2023

The independent group Liot has tabled a cross-partisan motion of censure against the pension reform project, which the government has preferred to force through through article 49.3. It will be examined this Monday, March 20 at the same time as the motion tabled by the Rassemblement national group. But what is it?

This is a new appeal to challenge the forced passage of the pension reform project. Following the announcement of the use of Article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution last Thursday, the independent group Liot and the National Rally announced the tabling of motions of censure. They will be examined this Monday, March 20 at 4 p.m. in the Chamber of the National Assembly.

It is one of the prerogatives of deputies, and one of the main means of controlling theNational Assembly on the government, since it allows him to overthrow it if it is validated.

The filing of a motion of censure requires the signatures of one tenth of the Assembly, ie 58 deputies. If the motion is properly tabled, a period of 48 hours is granted to the government and the majority before the vote, to convince those who are undecided whether or not to vote for the motion.

At the end of this period, a vote is organized at the Meeting. It is then necessary that the absolute majority of the deputies vote for the motion of censure, that is to say more than 289 people, so that it is adopted. In this case, Elisabeth Borne will have to submit the resignation of his government to the President of the Republic, according to article 50 of the Constitution.

However, the bet looks complicated. Indeed, if the Nupes, the Liot group and the National Rally should vote for this motion of cross-partisan censure, the latter could not pass without the support of the Republicans, whose members seem more divided than ever on this pension reform.

In the history of the Fifth Republic, it is a device that has only very rarely worked. Of a hundred motions tabled, only one was validated, in 1962, forcing Prime Minister George Pompidou to resign.

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