March 20, 2023

Reggae star Alpha Blondy (70), who explains the reasons for his temporary withdrawal from the music scene, promises to soon introduce his fans to his 20th studio album entitled “Eternity”.

“Last October, I had to undergo a small operation on a vocal cord which went very well and little by little my voice is regaining its full capacity, thank God,” the reggae star wrote in a note. from his eponymous production house.

Despite the success of the surgery, “my doctors advise me to rest for a few more months, (and) I therefore decided to continue my recovery by taking a year off”, says the legend of African reggae.

“I was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​meeting you to make you discover my latest album Eternity, but it’s only off to share these precious moments together”, he says, before adding “I hope that my faithful public will understand me”.

The Ivorian singer, Seydou Koné known as Alpha Blondy, is a figurehead of African reggae. Revealed in 1982, he celebrated his 40-year career in 2022 with his new album entitled “Eternity”.

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