March 27, 2023

The RN spokesperson considers the opposition of left-wing parties to pension reform to be hypocritical when they called for Macron to be voted for in the second round of the presidential election.

Each seeks to appear as the first opposing force. The confrontation between the National Rally and rebellious France continues over pension reform. Questioned this Sunday, January 29 on the set of Franceinfo, the deputy of the National Rally Julien Odoul castigated the “tartufferieof the deputies of insubordinate France, whom he described as “social traitors“.

The RN deputy from Yonne did not want to condemn the demonstrators who are mobilizing against Emmanuel Macron’s reform project, recalling that “a large number of French people did not vote for this pension reform“. He nevertheless pointed the finger at the elected officials of the left who join the processions, castigating “the arrogance of a band (…) of social traitors“. “Because the rebellious France which today is playing the game of the best opponent, they have all validated this pension reform“Said Julien Odoul in reference to the call to vote Macron to block Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election. And to conclude:(…) the only legitimate party to oppose this pension reform is the National Rally.»

Lenin at the National Rally

The term “social traitorused by Julien Odoul against the elected officials of rebellious France comes from the communist lexicon. It was initially used against comrades deemed too timorous, rallied to capitalism and enemies of the proletarian class. In France, it was used by the Communists to designate the Socialists after the break-up of the Congress of Tours in 1920. More broadly, it is used on the left to castigate a person or a line deemed too little radical.

The Stalinist terminology does not lack spice in the mouth of an elected member of the National Rally. Julien Odoul thus seeks to underline what he considers to be a contradiction of the Mélenchonist camp: since rebellious France has called for a vote for Emmanuel Macron, why does it have the hypocrisy according to him to join the processions of demonstrators who demand the abandonment of the pension reform, contained in the program of the re-elected president?

Julien Odoul is not the only one to shoot red balls on the left. The executive and the majority too, for other reasons. In an interview published on Saturday, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin did not spare the Nupes which, according to him, only seeks to mess with the country». For his part, Jean-Pierre Raffarin did not hesitate to attack the demonstrators. “The street does not govern“, lambasted the former prime minister. As for Elisabeth Borne, she declared this Sunday morning that the postponement of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64, which crystallizes the disagreements of the unions and most of the opponents of the texts, was not “more negotiable».

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