March 28, 2023

After the publication of the poster of their casting, the actors Marcelle Kuetche and Moustik le Karismatik receive many criticisms.

The announcement of the new series entitled “a husband for 2” had created a strong enthusiasm from the public. At the top of the bill, Moustik le Karismatik, Marcelle Kuetche and Lopez Evengue, a shock trio that already promised a most intense intrigue.

And now, they decided to open a casting to give the chance to all the young talents of the cinema to express themselves through this production. The only problem is that the casting that takes place in Yaoundé and Douala is paid for. Actors will have to pay 3,500 FCFA to participate.

It is this pricing that has led to the multiple criticisms of Internet users against the trio. ” Paid casting, no thank you…… A cinematographic project does not finance potential actors. », « We talk we laugh but with 3500 someone starts his groundnut business huh »,

“The funny thing is that they selected very few people who will only be extras. The real actors have already been contacted privately. 3500 for a casting in 2023 ok Moustik I like you huh but you have fokop. If your series sucks you’re dead on Facebook, courage to you “,

“Moustik, you who are looking, has transformed Cameroonian cinema into a place of commerce, even asking young people for money to pass a casting, it’s really paradoxical”, “What is 3500 for exactly? If the candidates are not selected, the 3500 who reimburses?? Pay 3500 to go to a job interview, are you serious?? You must already be seriously motivated to pay for the return transport to go and pass a casting which has a 95% chance of never leading to a career as an actor… “We could read under the post of Moustik the Karismatik which presented the information of this casting.

Despite the criticism, several people have already confirmed their presence at this great casting. It will take place in Yaoundé on January 28 at Will Mansion (Bastos) and on February 05 in Douala at a place called “O jourdain”.

Many therefore disagree with this method.

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