March 28, 2023

Years after being a columnist at Sweety saltyMélanie Maynard will take the helm of TVA’s summer cultural magazine in May, a first for a woman in 22 seasons.

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The experienced facilitator has been offered this mandate “on a silver platter” in recent days, she told the QMI Agency.

Rich in her 28 years in the business – she was revealed to the National Improvisation League in 1995 – Mélanie Maynard has not yet started working with the team of Sweety saltyan event that is now overseen by Productions Déferlantes – Benoit Clermont and Jean-Philippe Dion’s box –, in collaboration with Quebecor Content.

“It happened so fast! It’s a nice surprise in life, as I love them, ”said the 51-year-old communicator.

When Guy Jodoin’s departure was announced at the end of summer 2014, after 13 seasons, Mélanie Maynard expressed her interest in replacing the very first host of the cultural magazine. She didn’t get the warrant.

“When Patrick [Bélanger] left in turn at the end of last summer, I expected them to appoint a young host,” she admitted, acknowledging, however, that her experience of the past 20 years at the helm of different emissions weighed heavily in the balance.

“I started as a columnist in Sweety salty and then I co-hosted two girls in the morning “at TVA, underlined the one who also hosted or co-hosted Just for laughs live, My house RONA and Ends the week wellset that she will also visit this Friday, starting at 7 p.m., in an interview with Julie Bélanger and Jean-Michel Anctil.

A little sweet side, a little salty side

Melanie Maynard has two sides. She’s the one who says it: “I really embody the sweet and the salty!” […] It’s the era of truth and closeness, so I have less interest in watching pre-made, prepared, or hard-boiled interviews. I hope to be in a more direct contact and resembling my social networks,” she stressed.

“I feel like it’s a show that doesn’t take itself seriously, but it’s not super light either. It’s a “mood” that we like to have in the summer and it fits with my personality. You can have fun and be more serious, there is freedom and authenticity in Sweety salty which seduces me! »

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