March 22, 2023

Former minister Marisol Touraine, who carried out the last pension reform in 2014, on Monday deemed the postponement of the legal age to 64 “deeply unfair”, with the risk of “feeding far-right populism” if the government text remained unchanged.

Asked about France Inter, she denounced the government’s “totem” of 64 years, a measure “deeply unfair” in her eyes, because “raising the age weighs on those who started working early”.

“I want to tell parliamentarians that they have an immense responsibility. (…) If it is not changed, this law is likely to reinforce mistrust in the country”, affirmed the former Minister of Social Affairs and Health, calling on the deputies “to seize their political responsibility for the future generations”.

“Nobody would consider that there is a setback if after the demonstration the government said + we reopen the discussion +”, assures Marisol Touraine, who advocates compromise and negotiation with the various social partners. “To think that all the unions are opposed is not very satisfactory”, she justified.

“For the unity of the country, we need a law that unites and not a law that risks turning into a passport for far-right populism,” says the former minister of François Hollande.

Marisol Touraine, who had called for Emmanuel Macron to vote in the first round, points to three blind spots in the current text: the “work of the over 55s”, “difficulty at work”, and the “question of women”, who would lose the benefit of the quarterly contributions granted for each child.

Still a member of the Socialist Party, however, she considers that the proposal of the Nupes to return to retirement at 60 is neither “credible” nor “economically satisfactory”.

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