April 1, 2023

Lyrica 300 is the new drug widely used in France and more particularly in Paris. It is a powerful anxiolytic which is sold under the coat between 2 and 3 euros per capsule. While many pharmacies are taken by storm, the authorities are worried about this sudden popularity for this drug.

A new cheap drug. This is the new scourge that particularly affects the streets of the capital. Lyrica 300, a powerful anxiolytic used against neuropathic pain, has been diverted from its use to become a drug resold under the coat between 2 and 3 euros per capsule.

“You’re stoned, you’re somewhere else, it’s cheap, it’s two euros, that’s why everyone takes it, and those who sell it make a lot more money on it than on cigarettes or cannabis”, explains a consumer interviewed by CNEWS.

A prescription product

However, Lyrica is only issued on medical prescription, for a price of around six euros per box of 50 tablets. But faced with this very lucrative underground traffic, pharmacies are taken by storm by drug addicts and dealers.

“These are often people who don’t have a vital card, and they are often prescription presentations by email, and there are also fake prescriptions, I prefer to say that I don’t have any in stock. Often people are aggressive and it has happened to us that patients come with crutches so that we really believe they are sick, but when they leave the pharmacy they take them off, ”says a pharmacist.

Health professionals, very worried about the explosion of the phenomenon, want to alert the public authorities, because the substance, mixed with other psychoactive products, can be fatal.

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