April 1, 2023

The Minister of the Economy denounces Republicans who “got lost, lost all their bearings” by not supporting pension reform.

Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, is certain of this: “there will be no majority to bring down the government“, despite the filing of several motions of censure. Nearby Parisian the Minister asks:Is the pension reform worth, yes or no, the fall of the government and the political disorder? ? The answer is clearly no“. He insisted on recalling that “49.3 is a democratic tool, enshrined in our Constitution” and “we must gradually, for those who can, work more” to finance “our social model among the most generous in the world“.

Bruno Le Maire defended the use of article 49-3 to have the pension reform adopted: “We do not play heads or tails such a decisive reform for our nation. We have a relative majority. Everyone knows that we were logically counting on the votes of the LR group, which was elected on a project to postpone the legal retirement age to 65 : half failed us, for incomprehensible reasons“.

Although he himself comes from the Republicans (he was even a candidate for the party’s primary in 2016, editor’s note), he no longer recognizes his former companions. “Let’s hope the Republicans come to their senses. A number of LR deputies and senators have shown courage and consistency, such as Bruno Retailleau, Éric Ciotti, and all those who followed them. Others got lost, lost all their bearings“. To the Republicans, he asks to work “text by text, project by project, in the service of strengthening our nation“.

As for the mentions of censorship filed, he protests: “Let’s stop with the ball of the hypocrites. Liot (a centrist group, Editor’s note)who reaches out to the Nupes (an alliance of the left and the far left, editor’s note) and to the RN to bring down the government : what hypocrisy !“, even qualifying this alliance”clown hitch“. “LR deputies who cry out for the restoration of public finances but who shamelessly table amendments worth several billion euros : what hypocrisy again ! What a lack of courage !“, he denounced.

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