June 5, 2023
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A kidnapping alert was triggered after the kidnapping of Eya near Grenoble on May 25, 2023

MISCELLANEOUS – The kidnapping alert plan was triggered this Thursday evening, May 25, after the kidnapping of Eya, 10, who was allegedly organized by his father the same morning, announced the public prosecutor of Grenoble Eric Valiant.

“Following the kidnapping this morning in Fontaine of young Eya by her father and a second hooded man, the kidnapping alert is triggered”prosecutor Eric Vaillant announced in a press release.

Earlier in the day, he said the girl was abducted by her father around 8:15 a.m. while she was walking with her mother in the street, in front of a school. The father of the family was with a hooded man who allegedly assaulted his mother with tear gas.

The girl is 1m60 tall, has long hair and brown eyes. She wears black pants with small white flowers, a brown jacket with white sleeves, American football type jacket, and wears black shoes, one of which is missing.

His father, Khaled Sassi is 53 years old and is likely to drive a gray Peugeot 306, registered AD-663-TF. He was wearing a brown/beige hoodie and sweatpants. “All the police services in Europe and Tunisia have already been informed of the searches launched”added the prosecution.

If you locate the child, do not intervene yourself, immediately call 197 or send an email to ALERT.enlevement@interieur.gouv.fr

Flat tire

In a testimony to Dauphine Libere, the mother explained that she was walking with her daughter to school after finding a flat tire on her car for the second time in two days. According to her account, they were suddenly blocked by a vehicle, inside which she says she recognized the father of the child.

As the driver sprayed him with tear gas, his “ ex-husband grabbed (the child) by the hair and forced him into the backseat with him”she said again, saying she feared that he would take her abroad.

The child, born in Tunisia where the mother had gone to study and married in 2012, has dual Franco-Tunisian nationality. The mother returned to France with her daughter in 2017, according to the Dauphine Libere.

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