March 27, 2023

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers will file a seventh request for release in early February, while the latter continues to claim his innocence in the disappearance of his wife Delphine in 2020.

A new request made in the next few days? The lawyers of Cédric Jubillar, main suspect in the disappearance of his wife Delphine in 2020, are preparing a seventh request for release for their client in early February, according to information from France Blue Occitania.

The 30-year-old has been imprisoned since June 2021, suspected of the murder of his wife, who disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020. The man currently resides in solitary confinement, within the prison of Seysses (Haute- Garonne).

His lawyers believe that the file does not allow their client to be kept in pre-trial detention, pending his trial, and want him to be placed under electronic bracelet.

A court report must be made on a dwelling in which Cédrid Jubillar could reside. Lent by a friend, it would be an apartment in a house “very far from Cagnac-Les-Mines, in another department of Midi-Pyrénées”, where the investigation to find Delphine is concentrated, insisted the one of the three lawyers for the main defendant, Alexandre Martin.

This accommodation had been visited for the first time by the SPIP (Penitentiary Integration Service) which had found it unsuitable for Cedric Jubillar. It remains to know the opinion of the judge of freedoms and detention (JLD) who ordered a second visit to this apartment.

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