March 24, 2023

The Israeli executive decided, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, measures directed against “families of terrorists”, in particular the revocation of certain rights, after two attacks in East Jerusalem.

Sanction the families of “terrorists”. The Israeli security cabinet has decided on sanctions directed against the families of “terrorists”, promised by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the attacks that caused seven dead and several wounded in East Jerusalem.

The revocation of the rights to Social Security of “families of terrorists who support terrorism” was then favored overnight from Saturday to Sunday, said the security cabinet. In addition, the house of the author of the murderous shooting was “sealed pending demolition”.

The Israeli Prime Minister also indicated that a bill aimed at revoking “the Israeli identity cards” of these families would be discussed Monday in the Council of Ministers, in a message posted on Twitter.

Benjamin Netanyahu also wanted more Israeli citizens to be armed. “We are expanding and accelerating the licensing of weapons to thousands of authorized citizens. More licensed Israelis with guns = faster response to terrorists,” the politician wrote on Sunday morning.

Two attacks in the space of a few hours

On Friday evening, a 21-year-old Palestinian opened fire on passers-by in the Neve Yaacov neighborhood of Jerusalem, killing seven, before being shot dead.

On Saturday morning, another Palestinian, only 13 years oldshot and wounded two Israelis in Silwan, a stone’s throw from the Old City walls.

Several Arab governments have condemned the attack on Neve Yaakov, including theEgyptthe United Arab Emirates or even Jordanwith which Israel maintains diplomatic relations.

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