March 28, 2023

French actress Eva Green on Monday blamed “her French side” for explaining to a London court insulting messages sent during the filming of a film that was then canceled.

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The 42-year-old actress, star of Casino Royale in 2006, was to star in a science fiction film –A Patriot– before production was stopped in October 2019.

She sued the production company, White Lantern Films, to obtain, despite the cancellation of the project, her stamp of CAD $1.3 million.

But the British production company decided to counterattack by launching its own lawsuits against the actress, believing that she had harmed the production of the film.

The trial which opened on Thursday is expected to last nine days.

Called to the stand on Monday, black turtleneck and dark green blazer, Eva Green reaffirmed that she had first “fallen in love” with the film project which was to deal with the climate crisis.

Lawyers for White Lantern Films believe, however, that the French actress has expressed “lack of confidence and dissatisfaction” with members of the production team.

They rely on WhatsApp messages in which Eva Green allegedly called a member of the team “evil”, “devious sociopath”, “liar and crazy”. She also reportedly called production manager Terry Bird a “moron” and “a finished asshole.”

Asked about the fact that she would have qualified in a message to her agent as “weak” and “stupid” producer Adam Merrifield and screenwriter Dan Pringle, Eva Green replied that she could have made insulting remarks under the influence of emotion , apologizing for his “inappropriate remarks”.

“I don’t know (…) it’s my French side that sometimes comes out,” she said. “Sometimes I say things out of emotion that I don’t really mean. Of course they are not weak or stupid.

“I don’t care about the money. I live to make good films, it’s my religion”, she added, stressing that she worried as the filming progressed that the film would be bad and that it would harm her career.

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