March 26, 2023

According to an INSEE report made public on Wednesday, more than a third of French heritage is owned by 5% of the richest households.

A telling number. At a time when questions of inequality are finding more and more echo in the public sphere, INSEE has unveiled, in a study published this Wednesday, January 25, that 5% of the richest households in France own more than a third of the heritage.

Even more significantly, 15% of inheritance French is held by only 1% of the wealthiest households. According to information provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, “the distribution of gross wealth is stable compared to 2018”.

In detail, again according to the analyzes of theInsee, 1% of households have a net wealth (which takes into account all the assets without the loans contracted) greater than 2,072,600 euros. On the other hand, the 10% of the poorest households in France have a net wealth of less than 3,000 euros.

Assets mainly made up of real estate

“At the beginning of 2021, the gross wealth of households is mainly made up of real estate, the share of which has been stable since 2004”, INSEE further indicates in its report. This observation is confirmed in particular among the wealthiest parts of the population: more than half of the parts of the population have wealth. real estate which represents the majority of their total wealth in 2021.

As for the less well-off sections of the population, this heritage is almost non-existent. This is in particular due to the fact that these households mainly reside in rented accommodation or are housed free of charge.

The financial heritage of the French is not set aside by INSEE, which confirms the significant inequalities that remain in the territory.

“The least well-endowed households own types of assets that are not very diversified, such as the current account or booklet Awhile the best-endowed households hold more varied types of assets such as housing, salary or retirement savings accounts, life insurancesecurities”, indicates the report, recalling that the 10% of households with the least financial assets have a maximum of 400 euros.

This is 344 times less than the 10% best endowed, who have at least 150,000 euros in financial assets.

As far as material goods are concerned, this represents the majority of the assets of the least well-off households, with a percentage that can reach 68% among the 10% of the least well-off population, compared to just under 5% on the other hand. .

Finally, INSEE concludes its report with an analysis of the evolution of heritage during the life of the French. A logical evolution, with permanent growth before age 30, until a slight reduction from age 50, as regards gross wealth, and from age 60 for net wealth.

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