March 22, 2023

Would it soon be possible to receive medication in unlimited quantities thanks to a simple subscription? In the United States, Amazon now offers a five-dollar monthly subscription in order to obtain generic prescription drugs in unlimited quantities and at no additional cost.

In a press release, the American giant detailed the offer of its RxPass service, which is based on a series of generic drugs “that treat more than 80 common ailments”. At this time, this service is offered exclusively to Prime customers. Amazon said the service will initially cover generic drugs for 80 common conditions – they include, for example, Losartan (the generic blood pressure medication Cozaar) and Sertraline (the generic antidepressant Zoloft) and hair growth pills. Dr. Vin Gupta, Amazon Pharmacy’s chief medical officer, said more than 150 million people in the United States are already taking one or more of the drugs in the RxPass offering.

Developing the health offer

“Prime members already get a fast and free delivery of prescription drugs, and RxPass is an additional way to save with Amazon Pharmacy. Any customer who pays more than $10 per month for their eligible medications will see their prescription costs drop by 50% or more, and they’ll save time by avoiding a trip to the pharmacy,” said John Love, vice president of ‘Amazon Pharmacy, in a statement, before adding: “We are excited to offer our customers surprisingly easy and low prices on the eligible medications they need each month.”

This service does not require the intervention of a health insurer, unlike the ordinary system in which the cost of medication is covered, in whole or in part, by mutual insurance or public Medicare and Medicaid coverage. With this announcement, Amazon confirms its ambition to develop its health offer concerning medicines and care.

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